ILIB Biochemical laser is the red light into the human body blood, the blood cells of the cell line photochemical effect, the blood through the low-energy biochemical laser irradiation, you can achieve activation of cells, and damaged cells will be repair and generate protective film So that the body will not be free radicals and molecules of toxic substances, and then to achieve anti-aging, increase immunity, improve allergies, to help detoxification, metabolism and other effects. The principle is the use of optical fiber will be low-energy laser through the vein into the blood vessels, as sunburn for 1 hour, by biochemical lasers produce light energy, can stimulate the red blood cells to increase oxygen content, help activate the body cells, Oxidation, in addition to help the organization repair synthetic collagen, restore skin elasticity, wrinkle, but also effectively improve the allergies, regulate immunity, enhance the body's natural resistance.

Effects and effects of biochemical laser ILIB in blood cells

Biological effects

Blood Circulation

  1. Can improve & enhance the blood viscosity, reduce red blood cells, platelet aggregation capacity.
  2. To improve the ability of red blood cell deformation, accelerate blood microcirculation to improve cell oxygen utilization, repair damaged tissue.

Immune enhancement

  1.  Adjustable immunity, reduce the incidence of allergic diseases, improve the role of allergies.
  2. By increasing the blood lymphocytes, white blood cells and antibody activity, can enhance the resistance.

Organizational maintenance

1.By improving human blood flow, to accelerate the proliferation of capillaries, enhance the synthesis of collagen tissue protein.
2.Repair the damaged cells and produce protective films via cell activation.

Anti-aging effects

  1. Enhance the activity of SOD in red blood cells.
  2. Activate the cells in the body to achieve the effect of anti-aging.
  3. Strengthen the ATP enzyme, improve the stability of the cell membrane, can prevent aging and reduce the role of the disease.

Beauty Effects

  1. Strengthen the organization of synthetic collagen.
  2. Strengthen the hair growth rate. (Someone hair color will turn black)
  3. Increase skin elasticity and fiber tension, eliminate wrinkles.
  4. Desalination of scars, spots, to prevent skin aging, restore skin elasticity, luster.

Course of treatment

Course of treatment:
1. The ILIB low-intensity biochemical laser through the vein irradiation of blood, each period for 60 minutes, for ten consecutive times for a course of treatment.
2. Biochemical laser does not need any medicine, while the treatment there is not any uncomfortable feeling, and after treatment can immediately come to regular work.
3. Recommended two weeks for 10 times in order to accumulate a better effect, usually after the end of treatment 2 to 3 weeks the most obvious effect.
4. Chronic disease treatment requires 3 to 5 courses. Each treatment interval of 10 to 14 days; health treatment: 2 to 4 courses per year can be performed.


1. Do not perform treatment when you are hungry, so as to avoid hypoglycemia. After treatment, please drink 300 ~ 500cc warm water to promote the cycle of metabolism and detoxification.
2. After two days of treatment will have dizziness fatigue, please rest at once and have more water.
3. Do not diet while performing the treatments, please have more fruits and vegetables, more exercise, early hours do not stay up early, if you feel any discomfort please contact the clinic doctors immediately.
4. Pregnant women and allergies to light are not applicable to this therapy, before use by the physician to assess whether the physical condition is applicable.

Biochemical laser side effects:

• Initially few days after treatment, there will be dizziness, fatigue and burnout, the normal role of laser net blood, please rest more drink plenty of water. With the increase in the number of biochemical laser, will be gradually released.

Biochemical Laser Note:

1. After treatment to make the metabolism strong, pay attention to the maintenance of blood sugar, it should not be fasting.

2. After treatment to make adequate blood circulation, so have more water, please drink about 500-1000CC warm water.
3. Do not eat too much food. Please have more fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. Regular walking exercise, early hours do not stay up late to stay up early.