The Role of Laser in ILIB 
In order to have a clear picture of what ILIB therapy can do, we have to understand what the term LASER stands for. LASER is the abbreviation of the initials of the five words in this phrase : Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
The important features of laser light are:

  • ž   Mono-Chromatic: Laser light radiates in a very narrow range of wavelength., all the emitted photons have the same energy, frequency, or wavelength. Hence, the light waves of laser have single wavelength or color. It determines the depth of penetration. This feature offers the selectivity action to the tissues and cells, which can trigger a cascade of primary biochemical and biophysical process.

  • Coherent: Laser light is produced by stimulated emission of radiation. All the photons emitted in laser have the same energy, frequency, or wavelength. Therefore, the wavelengths of the laser light are in phase in space and time. Thus, light generated by laser is highly coherent. Because of this coherence, a large amount of power can be concentrated in a narrow space.

  • Collimated: Light of parallel direction. The width of a laser beam is extremely narrow. Hence, a laser beam can travel to long distances without spreading. Both collimation and coherence can make a higher power density.

Lasers with collimated,coherent and mono-chromatic features have been widely used in science, industry and medicine. Among the various applications, here we shall concentrate on medical application. 

Since last century, there are numerous randomized controlled trials (RCTs) by thousands of researchers and scientists about the ILIB therapeutic effect.  Among others, the following healing effects of ILIB have been commonly identified:

  • Micro-circulation activation

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Immune power effect

  • Analgesic effect for pain relief

  • Metabolism:Tissue proliferation and regeneration


While the benefits of ILIB therapy have been observed in various medical studies, the general consensus is that light therapy works primarily by affecting the release of Ca2+ and the mitochondria inside human cells. Explaining the mechanism of biological effects of ILIB treatment from a thermodynamic aspect can better illustrate the picture of how these effects are achieved when exposed to laser light. The process of ILIB biological effects can be grouped into three main stages:
Primary effects[N.F. Kuznetstov, Gamaleya 1972]:

  • Absorption of photon energy by intracellular components

  • Occurrence of a thermodynamic action

  • Ca2+ released from intracellular storage

  • Increase of self- oscillations of CA2+ concentration and distribution of waves in cytosol and tissues