Photonics for Medical and Technical Applications.

Solutions for LED cold light sources.

Liverage Biomedical offers a customized LED cold light source and NBI (Narrow Band Imaging ) LED light source for medical applications.
The system couples LED light effectively into an optical fiber and can be supplied as an assembly for integration into your system or as a stand alone unit.
The color temperature can be adjusted to customers needs.

Illumination Unit:
White Light Mode :
Light output: up to 800 lumens at the fiber output
Color temperature: CCT 5700K±500K
Color Rendering Index: Ra > 85
Life cycle:  10,000 h

NBI Light Mode :
Light output: up to 800 mW at the fiber output
Blue Light : 415nm±5nm @ 25℃
Green Light : 540nm±5nm @ 25℃
Life cycle:  20,000 h