After effects: After the waves of increased concentration of Ca2+ began to spread in the cytosol of the cell and between the groups of the cell, the biochemical and physiological process at organism level

  •  ž   ​Activation of cell metabolism and increase of their functional activity which is mainly due to increase of mitochondrial redox potential and the synthesis of ATP is helpful for wound healing and skin rejuvenation for example reduced facial wrinkles and hand wrinkles.ž 

  •   Stimulation of reparative processes[Abdel-Naser M.B 1999]-which is mainly due to activation of mitochondria and the formation of mRNA {Watman N.P., et al 1988} and DNA synthesis and cell division [Rodwell V. 1993]

  •  Anti-Inflammation [Uhlen P. et al., 2000] and influence of Microcirculation are due to the release of inflammatory mediators, called cytokines{uhlen P. et a., 2000} as well as the vasodilator –Nitric Oxide(NO), the precursor of the endothelial vessel wall relaxation factor(EDRF) [Murrey P.K. et al.,1996]

  • Neurohumoral regulation is mainly controlled by the Ca2+ induced endo and exocytosis activity[Carafoli E. et al., 2001] and intracellular response to hormone actions, primary mediators of central nervous system and autonomic nervous system[ Grenner D., 1993]

  • Interaction of endocrine and immune system is mainly due to the modulator of interaction, the IL-1 and IL-6. Immunity can be influenced by  indirectly through neuroendocrine regulation and directly through immune competent cells.

Hence ILIB therapy can not only affect the physiological reaction(Metabolism) but also the neurohumoral regulations(Immunity). In the end, ILIB therapy is not designed to target directly against the cause or symptoms of the disease but for activating the body’s defense, the immune system. It serves as adjuvant therapy together with traditional therapy.