ILIB SL-1000 series is designed for intravenous laser blood irradiation therapy, it is suitable for preventive medical application while SL-2000 is designed to work together with various photo sensetizers as the critical part of  Photo Dynamic Therapy for minimally invasive surgery.

Healing Effects of ILIB Series : 

  • Stimulation of metabolism: Cells proliferation and regeneration

  • Activation of reparative process

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Micro-circulation activation

  • Analgesic effect for pain relief

  • Enhancement of immune system

Design Features of ILIB Series ( Hardware)

  • Reliable power density and long product life expectancy

  • DC based control unit, low power consumption

  • Standard UPS power system for emergency power break down

  • Visual and audio alarms for any hardware failure,

  • Emergency stop for emergency

  • Seated on the ergonomic cart, easy to adjust height and to move around.

Design Features of ILIB Series ( Software)

  • Multiple choice of laser wavelength

  • Flexible choice of power output and cession time.

  • Visual and audio alarms for any hardware failure,

  • Microsoft based OS, self-diagnostic function ensures safety

Liverage ILIB series is available in the following models:

  1. SL-1000:

  • 5 channel of Red 650 nm, continuous mode

  1. SL-1100:

  • Choices of Red 650,660 nm and IR808nmm, continuous mode

  1. SL-1200:

  • Mixture of 2 or 3 different wavelength, CW mode, power@ 3 mW

  • Choice of Purple 405 nm/Blue 440 nm/ Green 520 nm/Red 650nm or IR808nm

  1. SL-2000 PDT:

  • For Photo Dynamic Therapy used as one of the minimally invasive surgery

  • Choice of Purple 405 nm/Blue 440 nm/ Green 520 nm/Red 650nm or IR808nm to match the related photosensitizer

  • Continuous mode.

Course of ILIB Therapy( Suggested by Doctors)
Depending on a patient’s condition, the choice of laser type and power density and exposure time of therapy shall be suggested by doctors in charge. In general, one course includes 10 therapies, one therapy per day. Number of courses shall follow the suggestions of doctor.


  • The Start and Stop button shall only be pressed after the optic cable is connected and puncture needle is injected intravenously.

  • This ILIB device shall be operated by the authorized medical personnel only.

  • It is forbidden to shine laser on any objects which can reflect light.

  • It is forbidden to look directly at the laser beam or shine directly into the eyes.

  • It is forbidden to let the ILIB switched on while unattended.

  • Those who are pregnant or sensitive to lights are not suitable for light therapy.

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